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Smart lighting

Modern lighting solutions - intelligent lighting

Globus Lighting is a company offering LED lighting solutions. The company offers, among others: industrial LED lighting , LED lighting for commercial facilities , LED street lighting , LED hotel lighting , lighting for sports facilities , office lighting and architectural lighting .

Globus Lighting is not ordinary lighting, but modern lighting solutions that operate with the help of intelligent systems. As a result, the lighting created by Globus Lighting is efficient and effective LED lighting. We create our modern lighting solutions in such a way that the lighting dynamically adapts to the environmental conditions, all thanks to motion sensors, intensity sensors and automatic lighting control.


Solutions dedicated to all kinds of industries


Lighting that will be perfect for both small and large workshop


Luminaires characterized by a rich palette of light colors as well as an elegant housing


Discreet luminaires, easy to assemble and with light that is comfortable for the eyes

Sports facilities

Luminaires that, even from a great height, guarantee perfect lighting for any sports activity


Lighting that fits perfectly with the urban space


Luminaires ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere


Lamps that work well in any weather, and take care of the budget

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