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I n Globus Lighting, we produce modern, high-quality office LED lighting. The history of our activities is much longer, because the Globus brand, from which the Globus Lighting company originates, has been operating on the market for almost a hundred years. What is intereting, LED office lighting, as well as ordinary LEDs, also have a long history, although they started to be more popular on the consumer market in the 21st century. The first work on LEDs began in 1907, when people first observed the phenomenon of electroluminescence and then, in the 1950s the topic of LEDs began to be explored. The first light-emitting diodes that were put into use could only emit light in the infrared, but they quickly found application in photoelectric sensors. The 70s of the twentieth century are LEDs in green and yellow colors. In the 90's blue color and improved durability. The white LEDs known today were obtained by coating a blue chip with a fluorescent phosphor. LED lighting is constantly being developed, also by our company - Globus Lighting. The development makes LEDs more and more efficient, economical and durable than any other available light source.

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Office lighting – lighting of rooms and workstations

T he continuous development of LED office lighting means that today everyone wants to have them at home, on the streets or in companies. Regardless of whether the company operates in the industrial or IT, they can choose the right LED lighting for it, which will make employees feel better at work, the company will save money and be more ecological. Office lighting and its quality are extremely important for the well-being, comfort and productivity of employees. When the sun goes down, office lighting should replace it in a similar way. Creating the appropriate lighting for the office is a difficult task, because the sunlight is the best form of lighting. So how to provide employees with appropriate LED ceiling office lighting?

Workplace lighting and its functions

O ffice lighting affects the working conditions, well-being and efficiency of employees. Office lighting does not have to be placed only on the ceiling in the workrooms. It is worth using office lighting also as a decorative element that will emphasize the aesthetics of the interior. Office lighting, both functional and decorative, will create a friendly atmosphere in the workplace

LED office lighting – how to choose office lamps?

W hen creating an office lighting project, you need to take into account the location of the office and its area. Information such as the nature of work is also important e.g whether employees work at a computer and whether they work during the day or at night. Therefore, before lighting installation, we offer a lighting audit, which aims to create the perfect project and select the best commercial office luminaires. Office lighting should suits the size of the office space. LED office lighting for open spaces is designed differently than for smaller rooms intended for small teams. In addition to the size of the room, the nature of the work is also important - the lighting of the quality control station or office will be designed differently. While designing LED office lighting, we cannot forget about the type and function of a given space – e.g. whether it is training room or conference room. Office lighting can be divided into general and local one. It has to suit perfectly to the space and workers.

Office lighting and the arrangement of light sources

T he main source of office light has to illuminate evenly the entire room. Until recently, traditional fluorescent lamps where those which were used. At Globus Lighting, we offer solutions, which are nowadays often used in office spaces. LED panels are lamps manufactured to illuminate the interiors of buildings, including those used as offices. The light structure of the LED panels and the shapes of the luminaires make the LED panels ideal as LED office lighting. The lifetime of the LED panels up to 50,000 h and the light efficiency of 114 lm/W reduces costs. Another type of LED lighting that we use as office lighting are LED Downlights. It has a long lifetime (50 000 h) and high color rendering index. This makes objects illuminated by LED Downlight luminaires look the same as in daylight. At Globus Lighting, we offer products tailored to the individual customer. We are able to modify our LED office lamps to your needs and make them increase the efficiency of your employees and reduce operating costs.

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