LED car parks lights

Lighting of ground and underground car parks

M oving a vehicle after dusk or in a dark underground car park requires the creation of appropriate conditions. It means that visibility should be increased after dark in places where cars are parked. Parking lot lighting is crucial for the safety of vehicles.Thanks to the proper lighting, cars and other vehicles are noticeable, and the drivers gain better visibility while moving the car. In underground car parks, the overall sense of security is further enhanced by LED parking lamps.

Parking lights - our proposal for LED parking lights

LED floodlights

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Pole parking luminaires

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Hermetic luminaire

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Lighting of ground and underground car parks – which one to choose?

W hile designing parking lot lighting and choosing the proper luminaires, safety should be the most important. Parking is a place where lighting directly creates a safety zone for drivers and passengers. In the case of lighting ground car parks, the space is often shared with the street. For this reason, selected LED parking luminaires must meet lighting standards about street lighting.
In lighting of car parks the luminaires from street lighting category will be great. In some cases they can be supported or replaced with LED floodlights, because sometimes, it is not possible to use parking luminaires on poles. Pole parking lights are able to illuminate a large area, while providing proper light.
LED floodlights are also a good way to have effective parking lighting. They have a wide range of power and shape and they generate efficient and economical lighting.

Lighting of underground parkings – which one will be suitable?

L ED floodlights are a good solution for underground car parks. Furthermore, it is worth using products as the linear lighting. Linear luminaires are available in various lengths. Linear parking lighting can be equipped with a motion and dusk sensor. For this reason, they will be a great in places which do not require lighting round-the- clock. Feel free to contact us and check our entire offer and catalogs. We will certainly find a product that will meet your requirements.

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