Outdoor, indoor and street lighting audit

We know how important it is to save energy

W e also know that each customer has their own individual needs. To meet their expectations, both before the lighting modernization and the new investment, our consultants make a free lighting audit. It aims to demonstrate the savings from using LED lighting.

Make an appointment for a lighting audit and see how much you can gain


An individual project created according to the customer's needs and using LED lighting, is a way to gain up to 70% savings in comparison with current lighting.


Using LED lighting ia an energy-saving solution. Therefore, it is fully ecological. In addition, there is no mercury, lead or other harmful substances in the production of our luminaries.


What distinguishes us from the competition is quality. Our lamps are made in factories in Poland from the highest quality components. Thanks to this, our products have a five-year warranty.

Lighting audit – how is it work?

Lighting audits include an assessment of the current lighting system and indicate the possibility of changes which can be implemented during modernization. Lighting audit includes list of modernization works and technical and economical parameters regardless of whether it is an audit of outdoor, indoor or street lighting. The audit indicates also the most beneficial solutions, taking into account the most optimal assumptions, in particular the economic efficiency.
The lighting audit includes an analysis of electricity demand and the possibilities of increasing the energy efficiency of lighting systems. They concern for example:
the installation of energy saving luminaires,
the use of intelligent systems, which allow to control the efficiency,
parameters of light and thanks to advanced sensors, will adapt the light to current conditions
the adaptation of time of turning the light on
the implementation of lighting sections.
A comprehensive audit of lighting and the implementation of modernization recommendations allow you to save up to 70% of electricity costs and to improve working conditions.

Lighting audit – why are they important?

L ighting parameters, the light, its color temperature and intensity are extremely important for our entire environment, both home and professional. Modern LED lighting systems allow you to have good quality lighting, while reducing energy consumption.
Illumination of rooms or cities in accordance with the standards, has a very large impact on safety at work, at home or outside at night. Appropriate lighting in workplaces reduces tiredness and increases the productivity of employees. Apart from that, it reduces the use of energy.
By creating an audit of indoor, outdoor or street lighting you can calculate the benefits of lighting modernization. First of all, what savings will it bring, but also benefits for employees and their efficiency.
During the lighting audit, a local vision should be carried out in the place which is going to be modernized. Then, a list of current light sources should be made. The next stages are creating proposals for more energy- efficient light sources and calculations which take into account electricity consumption and costs related to the replacement of light sources. Furthermore, the last stage of the lighting audit is discussion and presentation the solutions to the investor.

Street lighting audit – what can it include?

S treet lighting audit is more difficult because it can be created even throughout the whole city, so on a much larger area than in the case of an indoor lighting audit.
An example audit may include:
the analysis of current state,
the observations from the register of street luminaires,
the compliance of street lighting with the standards,
the assessment of the current state of lighting,
the proposal of new street luminaries,
the proposal of new intelligent lighting system
the analysis of street lighting in terms of reducing energy,
the analysis of exploatation costs before and after the modernization
The street lighting audit, as well as the street lighting itself, play a key role in the safety of public traffic. Good visibility after dark should be ensured, but it is often associated with high electricity costs, especially with old lighting systems. Appropriate modernization of lighting with LED luminaires allows you to ensure good visibility after dark in the city, while reducing electricity consumption and the costs.

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