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W e started our activity based on the experience of one of the largest companies producing tools for the industry with nearly 100 years of tradition. From the Globus enterprise, we created a separate company, Globus Lighting, becoming one of the Polish manufacturers of industrial and specialist lighting.
For almost 100 years, the Globus company has been producing tools for the industry - which at that time was the foundation of the functioning of every professional company. Since 2007, as a result of the deepening technological revolution and changes in the field of LED lighting, a new company was established - Globus Lighting, to deal mainly with the production of LED lighting.

Currently, Globus Lighting is an independent company with private production facilities. One of the most important steps in the development of the company was the establishment of its own Research and Development section, independent of the parent company Globus. It is there that products and individual components of LED lighting are designed, tested and perfected.

Beginning of activity

The year 2007 was just the beginning - it was necessary to prepare a specialized LED lighting production line, supplying excellent quality components to both foreign and Polish customers. The first production started a few years later in Bielsko-Biała and since then Globus Lighting has become one of the most important Polish companies providing LED lighting for even the most demanding customer.
At first, however, the offer was limited only to products aimed at industry. Currently, Globus Lighting deals with the production and distribution of lighting for public buildings, hotels, sports halls and offices. LED Globus Lighting luminaires are therefore used both in industrial facilities and places with difficult weather conditions, which only emphasizes the extraordinary durability and reliability of the offered LED lighting.

Solutions used by Globus Lighting


Industrial lighting


Street lights


Hotel lighting


Office lighting


Explosion-proof lighting

The offer is addressed to the most demanding customers

In recent years, Globus Lighting has achieved an extremely high position among numerous competitors. The perfect construction of our luminaires is supported by the place of their creation - production lines are located in Poland. The modern technology used to produce them ensures the safety of users and generates more and more savings, which will certainly translate into lower costs of running a business. Flawless components, as well as high-quality LED lighting, have a great impact on the quality of work of employees employed in a given place, increasing their efficiency and improving well-being.

What are we different from?

Our customers can count on full LED lighting fixtures, additionally supplemented with a control system in the traditional model or the universally used DALI model. We start our work by creating an individual lighting layout project, and we supplement the documentation with the necessary costs and, most importantly, information relevant to calculating the return on investment of replacing traditional lighting.
In the production of luminaires, we use both proven technologies and innovations aimed at achieving the highest possible economic benefit for all customers. We also focus on the quality and improvement of work comfort in places where it is planned to replace traditional lighting with LED luminaires. The essence of our work is to provide the best quality products, compliant with the latest standards and technological innovations, taking into account all customer needs.

Sample projects

Despite the fact that Globus Lighting has been on the LED lighting market for a short time, we managed to develop a reputation among our competitors. Thanks to this, we had the opportunity to design professional LED lighting, along with a control system, for the warehouse of the largest food concern Mondelez in Skarbimierz, near Wrocław.
LED luminaires for Mondelez were used in HACAP conditions , with the PZHz certificate, while maintaining the stringent requirements resulting from the specifications of the food industry. The lighting design uses a High Bay LED luminaire that fits perfectly into industrial spaces. The intensity of the luminaire in a room above 4 meters is extremely comfortable for employees and provides them with high safety. As a result, the efficiency and life of the lighting increased, which resulted in electricity savings and a reduction in the costs associated with the replacement of lighting and its maintenance by over 60 percent!
We have also developed a specific lighting replacement project for the industrial company Stradom from Częstochowa. The space uses tight Belus LED beams with the DALI control system, intended for lighting production halls and warehouses. The modernization of LED lighting and the installation of solutions targeted at individual workstations allowed to save as much as 70 percent of the costs spent on electricity..

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